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SOLD OUT: Cookie Cups

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This box includes:
- Chocolate Cookie Cups Baking Kit
- 2 x The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Mix

We’re partnering with The Curious Creamery, to bring you a dessert that includes two of our favorite things - ice cream & cookies! These Summertime treats feature the winning combination of caramel & chocolate! This baking kit will have you bake a batch of chocolate cookie cups, rolled in dark chocolate with graham cracker crumbs & pretzels for a sweet-&-salty crunch. The Curious Creamery’s ice cream mix will have you whipping up a batch of smooth ice cream in a snap - no need for an ice cream machine! Featuring caramel bits folded through this delicious vanilla ice cream, you’ll scoop it up & serve them in the cookie cups. The perfect sweet treat to share on a hot Summer’s day!

Makes: 8 Cookie Cups | Freeze Time: 5 hours | Bake Time: 11 minutes

What you get: Cookie Mix, Sugar, 2 x The Curious Creamery Mixes, Caramel bits, Caramel Sauce, Choc Chips, Crumbs

Fresh ingredients needed: Unsalted Butter, Milk, Eggs

Equipment needed: Cupcake pan, electric mixer & mixing bowls.

Contains: Wheat. May contain traces of nuts.

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